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Introduction to gas meter upgrades

For homeowners in Picnic Point, upgrading gas meters is essential to ensure the efficiency and safety of their gas supply.

There are key reasons to consider upgrading your gas meter:

  • Installing new gas appliances like cooktops or pool heaters that require increased gas flow
  • Replacing outdated gas meters with new integrated electricity meters featuring smart digital capabilities
  • Meeting updated safety and compliance regulations for gas infrastructure

A licenced gas fitter will inspect your property, assess your requirements, and replace your existing meter efficiently. Our service includes managing all necessary paperwork and approvals with your gas provider.

Upgraded meters improve billing accuracy, facilitate remote fault monitoring, and quicken leak response times.

To read more about whether your home requires a gas metre upgrade, email our team or call us today.

Reasons for upgrading your gas meter

  1. Replacing outdated meters - With a typical lifespan of 15-20 years, old meters with mechanical dials become less accurate. Upgrading enhances precision.
  2. Safety and compliance - Gas providers routinely replace metres to meet updated safety and performance standards. New models have advanced shutoff features.

Although your utility provider owns the gas meter, you often benefit from upgrades through enhanced safety, precision, and functionality, typically at no cost under maintenance programmes.

Preparing for a gas meter upgrade

Preparing for a gas meter upgrade is crucial for a seamless process. Follow these important steps prior to the upgrade:

  1. Clear access - The area around your gas metre must be clear to give the gas fitter easy access. Remove any items blocking the metre box and pathway.
  2. Plan for access - Ensure your gas fitter has unrestricted access to your meter during the upgrade. Be home or provide access through a key safe if you’re unavailable.
  3. Confirm resetting appliances - Some gas appliances like hot water systems have pilot lights that will need to be relit after the upgrade. Discuss this beforehand.

Though the gas distribution company oversees the upgrade, your preparation facilitates a smooth changeover.

The gas meter upgrade process

Upgrading your gas metre is a straightforward process handled by qualified technicians. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  1. Scheduling - After assessing your gas needs, we’ll schedule a day and time that suits you. Appointments usually take 1-2 hours.
  2. Isolating the supply - The technician will need home access to turn off your meter supply before removal, ensuring safety against leaks.
  3. Removing the old metre - Your old meter will be safely disconnected from your home’s gas system.
  4. Securely fitting your new meter - The new digital smart metre will be securely fitted and connected to pipes.
  5. Reconnecting supply - Gas will be turned back on once the new metre is tested and operational.
  6. Relighting appliances - You may need to relight pilot lights on appliances like hot water systems.
  7. Paperwork - All compliance paperwork will be completed onsite and supplied to relevant entities.

While brief interruptions to gas service are possible, we endeavour to perform upgrades swiftly.

Technological advancements in gas meters continuously enhance infrastructure safety and measurement accuracy.

What to expect after the upgrade

After your gas metre upgrade is complete, you can expect to enjoy several benefits:

  1. Improved safety - New smart gas metres have advanced leak monitoring and remote shutoff capabilities for added safety.
  2. Greater accuracy - Digital metres provide more precise gas usage data than old analogue models.
  3. Increased transparency - Smart metres give you real-time insights into your home’s gas consumption via online portals.
  4. Reliable service - With the advanced metre technology, issues can be identified quicker by your gas provider.

Post-upgrade, ensure to relight any gas appliance pilot lights if required. Your gas fitter will handle paperwork, comply with regulations, and dispose of the old meter.

Expect enhanced billing precision and safety standards as your provider leverages your new meter’s capabilities.

Smart and digital gas meter technologies

Smart and digital gas metres represent a new era in home energy technology. They provide a range of innovative functions not possible with traditional analogue models.

Digital meters record gas consumption electronically and transmit data wirelessly to your provider, automating readings and enhancing billing precision over manual estimates.

You can also access real-time usage data through online portals. This helps households actively monitor consumption, saving both energy and money.

Smart metres also have built-in sensors to immediately detect abnormal usage patterns or dangerous leaks. Remote shutoff features enable providers to promptly address potential issues, significantly enhancing safety.

As part of regular maintenance programmes, many providers offer digital upgrades at no cost to our customers.

Upgrading old inefficient technology ensures continuity of secure and sustainable gas supply across communities now and into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gas Meter Upgrades

Enhancing your gas service with a metre upgrade is an important improvement for many Picnic Point homes. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the process:

Is a gas metre upgrade necessary?

Upgrades are usually recommended when installing new gas appliances, replacing old analogue metres over 15 years old, or to comply with changing safety standards. Your provider may also suggest a free upgrade as part of their maintenance programme.

How much does a gas metre upgrade cost?

Typically, the customer incurs no direct costs, as the gas distribution company sponsors the upgrade during regular servicing.

How long does the metre installation take?

The complete upgrade process spans 1-2 hours, from isolating the old meter to reconnecting the supply. The actual fitting of the new digital meter typically takes under 30 minutes, with efforts made to minimise disruption.

Do I need to be home during the upgrade?

You don’t need to be home for the installation if you arrange access through a key safe or equivalent method. Our technicians cannot work without safe access that complies with stringent industry regulations.

Will appliance pilot lights need re-lighting?

You will need to relight appliances such as pool heaters and hot water systems after the supply is restored. Your gas fitter can help you to relight your appliances if you are unable to do so.

Who should I contact for gas metre upgrades?

While your distribution company manages upgrades, contact us for advice, assistance, or emergency response. Our decade of service to the local area means we’re equipped for any job at Picnic Point Plumbing.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will ensure a hassle-free meter installation that adheres to all safety and legislative standards.

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