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Sewer Pipe Relining?
What is Sewer Pipe Relining?

Sewer pipe relining is a no-dig method to repair damaged or leaking pipes without excavating. A resin-saturated liner is inserted into the old pipe and inflated to form a new interior pipe.

professional plumbing inspection?
How often should I get a professional plumbing inspection?

It’s recommended to schedule a professional plumbing inspection every 1-2 years, or more often for older homes. Routine inspections help detect leaks, clogs and other issues before they become plumbing emergencies. Prevent plumbing disasters with regular maintenance from a licensed pro.

Pipe Relining Prevent Grease Build Pipes?
Can Pipe Relining Prevent Grease Build Up In Pipes?

Pipe relining is an effective and long-lasting way to prevent grease, fats and food build up from causing blocked drains and pipes. It seals cracks and joints in aging pipes without the need to dig or replace the pipes. Pipe relining can help prevent blockages and back-ups caused by grease build up in pipes.

Tips Prevent Blocked Sink Drains
Tips to Prevent Blocked Sink Drains

Blocked drains are frustrating and easily avoided. Use drain strainers, avoid grease, minimize food waste and regularly pour boiling water down drains. For serious blockages, call a plumber for drain cleaning services.

Fix Leak Hot Water System
How to Fix a Leak in Your Hot Water System

If your hot water system is leaking, the first step is to locate the source of the leak. It may be coming from the pressure relief valve, drain valve, pipes or the tank itself. Turn off water and power supplies before attempting repair. Call a licensed plumber for assistance in diagnosing and fixing leaks.

durable relined pipes?
How durable are relined pipes?

Pipe relining is an effective and long-lasting solution to repair damaged pipes, with a lifespan of 20-50 years. It creates a smooth, jointless pipe resistant to future damage. Contact us to see if pipe relining is right for your home’s plumbing needs.

DIY Blocked Drain Repairs Legal Australia?
Are DIY Blocked Drain Repairs Legal in Australia?

Attempting DIY blocked drain repairs in Australia can lead to fines up to $12,000. Only licensed plumbers can legally clear and repair blocked drains. Call the professional blocked drain experts at Picnic Point Plumbing to avoid damage and no insurance coverage.

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